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Playful Boudoir phtography with vintage phone and lauging expression in Luminaire Studio in Winnipeg

Hey Girl!

Here’s how it works:


When you refer a girlfriend and she books a session with me, you both will receive awesome bonuses!


There is NO LIMIT to the amount of referral bonuses you can receive.

Each of your studio bonuses will become active after your friend’s session with me has been completed.

  • She will get one free bonus digital image with her order!

  • You will get to choose between $50 studio credit to put towards your *next* session with Luminaire Studio, or $25 Amazon gift card!

Simply tell your girlfriend to mention your name during the INQUIRY process, before she pays her session fee, in order to be qualified for the referral program!



( this opportunity will expire 60 days after your session)

Want to accrue EXTRA referral credit, RIGHT NOW, to get you started? Do any of the following items to receive BONUS referral credit!

  • Post a written testimonial in our Facebook Group  You can do this before you receive your products. Tell everyone how you felt! +$25 Credit

  • Review me on Google! (If the link doesn’t work for you, just search Luminaire Studio on Google, find my business listing on the right and click “Write a review” +$25 Credit

  • When you receive your products, post a video testimonial about your experience in our  Facebook Group and show off your goods!! Must be at least 1 minute long. DO NOT SHOW NIPPLES! +$50 Credit 

  • Post one of your images on your social media and give us a shoutout! Tag on IG:; tag on FB: Luminaire Studio +$25 Credit

You can spend your credits on:

- More photos from your past session.

- Your next Boudoir session fee

- Your next Boudoir photo collection.

Once you complete one (or two, or all), of these tasks, shoot me a quick email letting me know what you’ve done so that I can mark your account.

But don’t wait, because I am only giving you 60 days from your session date to complete these tasks before the bonus credit offers run out! Just think, if you completed them all, you’d have $125 in Boudie Bucks and you haven’t even referred anyone yet!

Good luck! I can’t wait to work with your friends, and with you again, too!



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