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" I am super shy and have struggled with body image since I was little and wanted to do this for myself.

Dark and moody boudoir photo with woman in lingerie sensual  posing on her knees
Cinematic Boudoir Photo in Luminaire Studio in Winnipeg with woman in lingerie holding a red rose
Vintage Motel Boudoir session in Luminaire studio in Winnipeg with model posing on her knees


"This photo session was one of the best experiences I have had in my life"


" I have done a few boudoir shoots now but none as thrilling and delightful as my shoot with Barbara at Luminaire Studio."...

Boudoir Session in Luminaire Studio in Winnipeg in black and white burlesque style
Woman in lingerie posing to a black and white Boudoir photos in Luminaire Studio in Winnipeg


" Barbara's darker, moodier and more artistic style was exactly what I was looking for!!

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