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Barbara Tomczyk  Boudoir Photographer in Luminaire Studio

based in Winnipeg, Manitoba


Thanks for stopping by to get to know me! :) 

Hello all, I'm Barbara!

Honestly, I feel like summarizing myself is just an impossible task cause it seems like I've lived multiple lives already and I’m only 38 years young!


My life is a bundle of random items, or as Forrest Gump's mama would say, "like a box of chocolates." 

​I was born and raised in the beautiful country of Poland and a large piece of my heart still resides there, right under my favorite cherry tree in my grandma's yard.

In fact, I left quite a few heart pieces and footprints all over the world before I found my home in Winnipeg, like living in the middle of a Scottish shire, or cruising daily and nightly on a bike through magical Amsterdam!

But it's Winnipeg that layed out for me so many wonderful artistic opportunities and in conspiration with the whole universe having navigated me to find my true calling; which is the art of Boudoir Photography.

The Confidence

The unique photography that I specialize in is the kind that I feel throughout my body and soul....

As a woman with a strong history of insecurity and shy nature, being a school loner and underestimating myself for the majority of my life, I can finally say the words  I AM GOOD AT THIS! 


I've been wanting to say this for...hmm let's see....ALWAYS!

I want to share with you the wonderful feeling of boosting that confidence through the roof!

I am here for you, whenever you're ready to reach for it!

The kind universe, My camera and I.


My favorite thing to do as your photographer is to surprise you with so many more benefits than you expected to get. 

Those secret benefits go a long way beyond taking amazing pictures. 


What someone else would call a photo session, we call the experience or a body and mind reconnection treatment. I am not afraid to throw your favorite music, glass of wine and bunch of fun into the mix and just wait for that powerful explosion!

Absolutely no stress included in our offer as we ultimately guide you to help release those goddess powers through your experience! 

Here, in my Winnipeg Boudoir studio, I have created a cozy and judgment free bubble for our clients where we are rising together above all standards and intimidations. 


Our primary mission is promoting a positive body image through Boudoir Photograpy. And when I say body, I actually mean EVERYSINGLEBODY; in the beautiful diverse landscapes of a women’s  body.

The foundation of my work is being a part of your story and to make sure that going back to this chapter will always make you feel special, even if that means sleeping with your album under the pillow 😉    

We are all THOSE WOMEN, the creatures with superpowers who can easily juggle countless tasks between career and family but we somehow manage to notoriously forget that we are worthy and simply beautiful just as we are...



         One of those women/ your photographer and cheerleader  

The Empowerment

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