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Embracing The Mess

 Can I share a little personal mishap with you?

You might think that as a Boudoir photographer, I'm living the life of a full-time badass.. 


But here's the irony – despite being the biggest advocate for a Boudoir experience, I couldn't bring myself to do my own portraits for more that a year...


Boudoir Photo self session in Luminaire Studio in Winnipeg

Yep, you read that right.

Yours truly, caught in the whirlwind of life's chaos, had somehow neglected to give herself the empowering kick she so easily and passionately recommends to others!


So heck yes, I deeply empathize with those of my readers, as well as inquiring clients, who are attracted to an empowering session but may feel really stuck, lost, and unsure of how to take that leap.


At times, I can find myself stuck for months! right between deeply longing to feel my greatest self and being a tired potato trying to breakdance.


I even gave this bizarre contradiction thingy a name: "The Happiness Paradox"

– when you know for a fact that doing something will make you feel fabulous but just can't seem to collect the actionable energy to go after it.


I think it will be more of a fact than a random guess if I say that you are feeling like that too sometimes!???

Expressive and artistic Boudoir pose

Cracking the Code of the 'Happiness Paradox'

*My Personal Strategy*

1)Look for that one 'sure thing' that has provided you with its magical and energizing powers in the past. Simply follow your best example! You did this before and you can do it again!

 2)Close your eyes and recall the best memories and feelings associated with it. Let if fuel the action of making the first step.


3)Acknowledge the fact that your leg will shake on that first step but support yourself with gratitude that you're actually going through these hoops for the single most important person in your life - yes, that is YOU, darling!

Expressive and artistic Boudoir Session in Luminaire Studio in Winnipeg

What activity never fails to lift your spirits?

         For me, it was a Boudoir Session; for you, it can be taking those dance lessons you used to love, a DIY project idea that used to excite the heck out of you, hosting a party, or simply getting out of bed and meeting a friend for a cup of coffee!


We both might be in totally different stages of our personal ruts but I need you to know that I see you, I hear you and I admire your every smallest step against the wind as much as I admire my own!


It's okay that it doesn't come as naturally as the last time you did that because it will work regardless!

I will be a daredevil and promise you that!


 So here I was standing in front of the camera, on a first crampy day of THE days crying on a toothpaste commercial about 5 minutes ago, feeling about as fabulous as a previously mentioned breakdancing spud...


But you know what?


I leaned into it! ..... Imperfect as I am....

Self care and venerability during boudoir self session

Lessons Learned:

*Reflecting on My Imperfect Session*

I believe that during that session, as I dared to embrace my own mess, I went through a whole new repertoire of emotions— while laughing, crying, dancing, jumping, playing, and doing all sorts of weirdly wonderful things.


It was a such an artistic and beautiful mess. I went into the session without any specific plan, and everything just poured out naturally. It's really incredible how feeling so low resulted in the most beautiful outcomes I've ever achieved in my self-sessions!

dancing pose, artistic boudoir session in Luminaire Studio in Winnipeg

The Impact of Small Steps:

*****Empowering Results *****


Now, let's explore what comes after taking that initial step...

Trust me, that's THE PLACE to be! and don't ever minimalize how huge the small steps are! Here is where your effort starts to be credited with those sparkly GRATITUDE TOKENS!

Feeling grateful for stepping up and doing something really meaningful for yourself really gets you going for more!

I'll be honest again and just say straightforward that I'm pretty obsessed with myself for doing this session!


Some might brush it off as a minor feat, but for me, it was the spark that caused a 'Butterfly Effect'.

Just as the butterfly flapping its wings can set off a chain reaction leading to a storm, your own act of self-love has the power to inspire huge positive change, not just in your life but in the lives of those around you, and the effects will keep on giving..

Thanks so much for reading Love!


I absolutely love everything about what you shared !! Thank you for being vulnerable and sharing your BTS moments. I'm sure we've all felt the same and taking a small step like pushing yourself one more time, can make such wonderful moments. Super proud of you for not giving up ! Keep it up 🌻

Replying to

Thank you sooo much for such a beautiful feedback! That means a world to me ❤️

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